Hi there

I'm so happy you're here!

My photography style is bright, colorful, natural, and candid. I love capturing real emotions and interactions. I strive to help make you feel comfortable and to like yourself in front of the camera! If you ask some of my friends I'm not funny at all, but I find myself hilarious. If i make you laugh at least once during your session, I'll consider that a win.

Photography is my life, my passion, my love (second to family of course!) I've always gravitated towards photography, although in 5th grade I thought it would be awesome to chase tornados like in the movie Twister. In junior high and high school I would spend hours editing photos of myself, my friends, my cats, and nature (add me on Facebook to see those gems lol.) I had the amazing opportunity to intern with a fellow photographer and was able to take part in shooting sporting events throughout school. That drove my passion for photography even more. I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love, all while helping preserve memories of people's lives with my camera.

Five fun

about yours truly


You could say I am slightly obsessed with the month of December and Christmas time. It is by far the best month of the year. Christmas lights, evergreen trees, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, tinsel, fresh snow (only the pretty kind), sleigh rides, giving gifts, all the joy of the season fill my heart with excitement. I might be that person who is sneaking the tree out after Thanksgiving dinner behind my husband's back, ending the year with my birthday and celebrating the New Year. Find me in December, there's a good chance I'll be as happy as can be.

I love christmas

I was not the kid to get in trouble in grade school, but when i did it was for reading books during class. I would bury myself in a book finish it in a day if i could. I still to this day love a good book. I have also grown very fond of poems and quotes, I love hearing peoples' favorites. So if you have a favorite book (I'll read anything once), poem, or quote feel free to share with me!  

I'm obsessed with books and quotes

I'm a big old softy for animals. We have three kitties and a dog at our house. If I could open a shelter right now to save all the homeless animals, I would. Until then, I will just keep bringing them home, and trying to save them and find them new homes. So by all means, bring your furry friends to your sessions, I would love to meet them.

i love animals

I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities all through high school: band, choir, track, cross country, dance, and cheerleading. I like to be involved and keep busy. I even continued into college and did a little bit of choir and cheerleading. Once we hang out for awhile, you will see that it's safe to say my peppy personality has never left me. Also I may or may not still know most the moves and words to my favorite cheers and school song.

i was a cheerleader

They say you should make a bucket list for life and cross them off one at a time, right? Well I have a bucket list of photography things that I would love to do. My lifetime photo bucket list includes traveling to all of the United States to photograph our natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, Niagara Falls. I would love the opportunity to have a piece be published in a gallery or magazine. What is the number one thing on my list? It would be photographing a Chicago Cubs MLB game. So, if anyone from the Cubs organization is reading this, call me! 

I have a photo bucket list