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February 2, 2018

Boudoir, What and Why

So a lot of times when i talk about boudoir photography I get the usual puzzled look and a “what the heck is that?”.
So i’m going to give a little detail into what the heck boudoir photos are and why you should probably consider booking yourself a session asap.

So if we do a basic google search of what is boudoir photography this is the definition; “a photography style featuring intimate, romantic. and sometimes erotic images of its subjects…” But I’m here to tell you that it is so much more than that. After talking to a few of my past clients we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should consider doing a session.

1. You’re going to look gorgeous

Gorgeous, like G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Working together with our stylist we will pamper you with hair and makeup, and we will help you select the most flattering outfits for your body. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Oh i’ll wait till i lose the last 15 pounds”, Stop that! As a professional photographer i will help pose you in the most flattering ways for your body type!



2. It’s a great gift

Your photos could be used as a gift! Maybe a gift for you, maybe for a significant other? Why not have photographs that show off your beauty and give you a boost to your self esteem, or imagine the look on your significant others face when you give them a little black leather book filled with photos of the person they love! If they love you on your worst days, imagine seeing you dolled up in sensual photos!




3. Make it into a girls day

Why not make it a fun girls day out? Grab a few of your close friends and do a session together, you bring your friends, i’ll bring the wine and munchies! Not to mention you can take some time for yourselves to find outfits to wear for the session!



4. Celebrate a milestone

Anniversary? Promotion? Just bought a new house? Just hit a new goal that you set? Even if you’re the only one who sees why not celebrate the exciting moments of your life with gorgeous photos of you in that moment! Celebrate it!


5. Celebrate being single

Thats right, just like you change your hair after a breakup, lets try something new! Go buy some sexy lingerie and then give me a call! You don’t have to go around showing your ex the photos ( Or maybe you do) But next time you stop to think i wasn’t good enough, or no wonder I’m single you can pull out your boudoir book and think “DAMN, what was he thinking”.


6. It will empower you

Lets be honest ladies, being treated like a queen for a few hours is a great therapy for anyone. But seeing the finished photos and how amazing you look and feel in your own skin will blow you away.  You’ll go from saying, “Wow is that really me?” to “Yeah, that’s me.”



So there it is, 6 reasons of the many on why you should consider doing a boudoir photo shoot.

Life is way to short to make excuses! Enjoy yourself and embrace your beauty!


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